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The Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation was established in 1986. It is a 501 (c) (3) IRS designated nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, Federal Tax ID 58-174-9339. Therefore, all donations to the Owens Foundation are tax deductible. Contact us here.

The Charter for the Owens Foundation for Wildlife Conservation:
To foster, fund, institute, underwrite, and in other ways promote wildlife conservation research, education, and wildlife resource protection and development with particular emphasis on threatened species and their habitats in Africa and North America. Specifically, the Foundation supports the research and conservation work of Mark and Delia Owens with contributions of funds for equipment, operation, travel, and salaries which make possible their projects in Africa and the northwestern United States. However, the Foundation also supports other worthy wildlife conservation projects when possible. The Foundation encourages qualified field research scientists to use the results of their studies to establish active conservation programs and to follow-up on their management recommendations to ensure that they are implemented. Projects that will benefit the living standards of local people, so that they will recognize the value of wildlife and assist in its conservation and protection, are encouraged. The Owens Foundation recognizes that for the conservation of the earth's wildlife to succeed, scientists must inform and influence the lay public, and thus the Foundation supports lectures by Dr. Delia and Mark Owens and the use of various media sources, such as television, radio, newsprint, and journals of conservation organizations, to achieve this goal.

Note: The Foundation maintains minimal overhead by working with volunteers (in the United States and in Africa), and by paying no rent or utilities. "In kind" donations of materials, labor, and expertise serve to stretch the Foundation's dollar value for conservation. For example, this web site was designed and produced by a generous and talented volunteer, Mr. Tom Steeb. His donation of time and talent has been a great asset to our conservation work. Because of such "in kind" donations, ninety-three cents of every donor dollar goes directly to benefit our conservation projects.

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